Second home assistance

Negotiating when buying a house is standard but becomes very difficult when you don’t understand each other.

Your Italian real estate agent will take care for everything but to avoid misunderstandings it’s very important to get some extra help with the language. Especially when there are plans to renovate the house and you need to deal with local builders, it is crucial to have someone who can translate and mediate for you.


Usually the role of the real estate agent finishes when the deal is closed, but experience tells that problems due to the language barrier continue. Also with other bureaucratic affairs it is easy to have someone on hand.

You’ll still need assistance to manage the property* Weeks or months might pass between the visits to your second home but that doesn’t mean the grass will stop growing. Single-family homes require more upkeep than other home types and the larger the lot size, the more upkeep is required (maintenance of garden & swimming pool). Let me help you finding the right people to do the work, so you can relax and enjoy your holidays.



huis ossuccio.jpg

Other extra services can be arranged such as: cleaning and warming up the house prior to arrival, private car transfers from and to the airports, boat transfers, a full fridge upon arrival, you name it …     


*There are strict rules regarding permanent holiday rental. In case you’d decide to turn your

home into a rental property on permanent basis you should inform the town and contact the online platforms or holiday rental agencies.