My name is Sonja de Nooij and 

I was born and raised in the Netherlands.

When I was twenty years old I moved to the north of Italy on my own, not yet knowing that it would have been forever!

For obvious reasons I chose to live on the beautiful Lake Como, together with my Italian husband and our two sons.


I have been working for many years at the front desk & back office of several Grand hotels on Lake Como, gaining a lot of experience and valuable knowledge in the tourist branch, guest relations and the organization of events and parties.


More and more often I was asked by foreign clients, local companies and Italian professionals to assist and translate during meetings, as, Italians unfortunately still have poor foreign language speaking skills.   


After years of combining these requests with a full-time job, I thought the time had come to start my own business:



Find out on this website how we can face this language barrier together!